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Friend of slain Forest Hill teen arrested for murder

30 Mar


A friend of a Forest Hill teenager who was shot on Sunday night was accused Wednesday for murder, police said. Miguel Calderon Jr., 18, of Forest Hill, is a suspect for shooting 17-year-old Christian Rhodes.

By Michelle Brueggemann



Hijacker Surrenders

29 Mar



Shemar Moore leaves ‘Criminal Minds’

25 Mar

Actor Shemar Moore bids farewell to his role as Derek Morgan on “Criminal Minds” after 11 seasons.



Patient Sues Yale Hospital for Removing Wrong Body Part

24 Mar


Deborah Craven, a patient of Yale New Haven Hospital, filed a lawsuit for having a doctor remove part of the wrong rib. She discovered the doctor had covered up the mistake by suggesting she would undergo another surgery the same day.

By Michelle Brueggemann


23 Mar

On Tuesday, March 22, 2016 Brussels the capital of Belgium and the headquarters of the Europeans Union airport was attack.


Possible sixth Terminator film

23 Mar


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Arnold Schwarzenegger hinted about the possibility of another TerminatorĀ film in the future.

SeaWorld to Stop Breeding Killer Whales

21 Mar

resizeSeaWorld partners with Humane Society following years of widespread criticism