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9 May

Feature Story
By Antonio Simmons

Texas Wesleyan University’s Lady Ram Carneisha Sims is a senior Exercise Science major. Sims is graduating and she is excited about it.
Sims has been at Texas Wesleyan for two years as a transfer student playing basketball.

“Texas Wesleyan has been a tremendous experience,” Sims said.

Sims talks about her most memorable moment here at Wesleyan. That moment was when she broke her ankle in the first round of the playoffs.

Sims felt like she was blessed to be a part of the Texas Wesleyan family when this tragedy struck her life.

“I remember coming back to the school the next couple of days and so many people offering to help me, there was so much love in the air I was unsure on what to do with all it all,” Sims said.

The 2015-year has been a year of many obstacles for Sims, but she says she’s been optimistic and has handled it with positivity.

“2015 is a very big year for me, it is a year I really have to mature and grow because I’m on my own now,” Sims said.

Sims also notices how drastically life has changed from when she was a child.

“I am very pleased with African Americans actually going to college and graduating it shows that my culture are doing something positive and it feels great”, Sims said.

“Looking back and just reminiscing if I could tell my younger self something I would tell myself not rush time enjoy every moment granted, and never say I cannot wait to get older because now I’m about to graduate and life is about to become reality,” Sims said.

Sims plans to attend grad school at Texas Women’s College in Denton, Texas.

9 May

Antonio Simmons
March 6, 2015
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Construction in Fort Worth

Fort Worth has finally begun the Construction process and is moving very rapidly.
Fort Worth started the reconstruction process as many as four years ago and just now starting to actually complete some things.
Fort Worth construction workers are working very hard and swift to meet the standards and requirement.
Hector Gonzales a worker on duty said that the work is finally paying off.
“I’m really excited on the outcome of this project and how we can bring this community back to life”, Gonzales said.
Pablo Sanchez also is excited about working on the community as well.
The community should be restored in no time, Sanchez said.
“The beautiful city of Fort Worth will be back sooner than you think”, Sanchez said.

9 May

Antonio Simmons
Beat Story

Poly Tech Boys & Girls Club

Poly Tech’s Boys & Girls Club has been keeping youth in Fort Worth out of trouble for years.
The boys and girls club has been a safe place for kids to play and stay out of the streets.
Poly Tech area is a very urban place that is trying to get back to a good standing.
Justin Robinson 16 years old boy loves going to the community center.
He feels that it is safe and he also has a friend that’s there.
“I love coming here it’s a getaway from my situation at home,” Robinson said.
Stacey McDonald a 15 year old girl was subjected to domestic violence loves the community center.
McDonald said that she loves coming to be with her friends they are like family.
“I love the fact of having some where to go when I get out of school instead going straight home to drama,” McDonald said.
Malik Johnson 18 years old situation is a little different he doesn’t really have a home so he just hangs around to have shelter.
He lost his mother to the streets and his dad was never around so the club helps him out with money and a place to stay.
“I am so grateful for this community and the people that help and embrace my situation”, Johnson said.

Aftermath of North Texas Tornados

4 May

North Texas experienced several sever storms on April 26, 2015.

Numerous tornadoes, with wind speeds more than 70 mph, hail, and inches of rain were reported in rural Johnson and Hill counties. Thankfully no injuries were reported. However many buildings and homes were destroyed in the storm.

“National Weather Service forecaster Lamont Bain said Monday that severe weather reached Comanche, Erath, Somervell, Bosque, Hill and Johnson counties. He said Glen Rose received more than 4 inches of rain,” according to “Part of the Waxahachie police headquarters south of Dallas flooded as water several inches deep rushed into the building.”

The American Red Cross provided teams to assist families after the storm in Maypearl and provided shelter for those in need in Johnson, Hood, and Erath counties.

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The fight of a century: Mayweather beats Pacquiao

4 May

On Saturday night boxing fans flooded the MGM casino in Las Vegas to watch the fight of a century, Floyd Mayweather Jr. v. Manny Pacquia.

Mayweather won the much anticipated fight, which was set up  in late 2009.

“Judge Dave Moretti scored it 118-110, while Burt Clements and Glenn Feldman had it 116-112,” according to

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What has happened to our generation

4 May

A new cosmetic trend is popping up all over social media. Keeping up with the Kardashians’ reality star Kylie Jenner has become the face of the #kyliejennerchallenge Teens all over America have become obsessed with the youngest sisters big lips. She states that her big lip look is a make up trick and has not undergone any cosmetic surgery. Sunday night, #kyliejennerchallenge became viral on twitter. Post associated with the hash tag feature videos of kids sucking into a small cup or shot glass as hard and as long as they can. The end result is pumped up lips. However this new trend has several medical variations.

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Are fonts defining YOUR future?

2 May

Times New Roman font has been dubed “the sweatpants” of fonts, and typography experts say that it is not the font to use for resumes.

Times New Roman was “labeled as respective, but unadventurous and mundane.”

Using a font that is easy on the eyes is something the employers are looking at when they look at applicants’s resumes. Times New Roman is a font that many people use and how can an applicant stand out if they use the same font as everyone else?

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