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Purina Beneful dog food is killing dogs

28 Feb

One of Purina’s most popular dog food brand’s Beneful is accused of containing substances capable of killing dogs. Many pet owners around America claim that their pets have become ill or dead after consuming Beneful dog food. Purina faces a class action law suit pending investigation.

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Think Before You Speak

28 Feb

On Monday Fashion Police host, Giuliana Rancic made a comment about Disney star Zendaya.

The comment that Rancic made was said to be racist, and stereotyping all African-Americans with locs. Zendaya called out Rancid for her comment, and Rancic later apologized on her twitter and on air.

There have been many reports that Giuliana said the joke to be funny, or that she was channeling Joan Rivers, but was the joke written out for Rancic to say?

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87th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet

The dress that took over the internet

27 Feb


Is the dress black and blue or white and gold?

The photo of this dress exploded on the internet on Thursday, February 26th.

It all started with this post on Tumblr.

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Trayvon Martin’s Death

27 Feb

Yesterday Feb. 26, 2015 marks 3 years that Trayvon Martin has been dead.

Trayvon Martin would have been 20 years old but his like was cut short in a scuffle with a man named George       Zimmerman.

This story shook the world 3 years ago and still is a civil issue around the United States.

Oscar winning actress’ dress reported stolen

27 Feb

“12 Years a Slave” actress Lupita Nyong’o wore a stunning pearl dress covered in 6,000 disconnected pealrs to the Oscars on Feb 22.

Nyong’o’s dress was specifically designed for her by Francisco Costa for the Calvin Klein Collection but it was stolen from her hotel room.

Nyong’o’s made a huge buzz on the red carpet and reporters asked her why she chose such an extravagant dress.

“I’m just wearing my diamonds and pearls. My homage to Prince,” said the actress referring to a popular song by the musician.

The actress was not present during the theft but she was present when officers took the report.

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American Sniper Trial Ends With Guilty Verdict

27 Feb

February 24, 2015 was a day of closer for two American families. The Kyle and Littlefield families were both present in the trial of Eddie Ray Routh for the murder of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield. Kyle’s widow, Taya, gave her testimony of her late husband as well as Littlefield’s mother, Judy.

Both families were relieved as the verdict was read, but the Littlefield family directed one last word before the defendant left the court room. Littlefield’s stepbrother, Jerry Richardson, spoke directly to Routh saying “Because of you and your irresponsible choices, we lost a great son, brother, father, husband and uncle. Your inhumanity and disregard for life have put you in a world [from which] you’ll never escape.”

Routh was found guilty of capital murder of Christ Kyle and Chad Littlefield. Routh has been sentenced to life in prison with no opportunity for parole.


23 Feb

DFW NORML has chartered a bus and will send 50 people to Austin to help those in need.

“Due to the overwhelming success of last week’s Citizen Lobby Day, the DFW NORML Board of Directors has decided that one of the best ways we can use chapter funds, especially while our lawmakers are in session is by sending advocates to the capitol as often as possible,” says the group’s executive director Shaun McAlister. “To that end we’re excited to offer free seats on our charter bus for up to 50 patients, parents, caregivers, veterans and medical necessity advocates from north Texas to ensure that Austin understands how badly Texans need to get medical marijuana right the first time.”