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Woman found dead in Sansom Park tanning bed

23 Jan

A man found his girlfriend dead inside of a tanning bed that was in the couples home.
According to a news release the man found his 46-year-old girlfriend dead and immediately called 9-1-1. The cause of death is still pending.
The investigation is still under investigation, however, Sansom Police Chief said there were no signs of trauma.


Chickens turn 8-year-old Fort Worth girl into backyard entrepreneur

23 Jan

An 8-year-old girl from Fort Worth, Tx. is spending her free time collecting and selling eggs from 10 chickens she raises in her backyard.
Cherokee Zarate, makes sure her chickens –Screech, Peep, Dot, Oreo, Ice, Rook, Redchi, Fireflake, Sparkle and Darkness– have plenty to eat and room to run around.
Each morning, Zarate collects the white, brown and green eggs that her chickens have lain and sells them to family and friends for $2 a dozen.