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Can this royal marriage survive?

1 May

Almost 2,000 people attended Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding in majestic Westminster Abbey Friday morning, and approximately 1 million people stood outside on the streets to watch them enter and exit. They shouted, “kiss her again” when they were leaving after they kissed on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. The decorations, Middleton’s dress, and the whole atmosphere was beautiful. But now that the glitz and glamour of the wedding is over, does the couple have a chance of a lasting marriage?

Through the years the monarchy hasn’t exactly been known for producing “happily ever after” marriages. For many centuries this wasn’t a concern, because the marriage of kings and queens was focused on mending treaties or setting up military alliances. Marriages were commonly prearranged for royalty, and love was not considered a top priority. Though Prince William’s mother Princess Diana believed in love, her marriage with Prince William’s father Prince Charles ended in divorce after 15 years of marriage.

The marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton is quite different. First off, Prince William has made clear that he is not going along with the pattern of any previous marriage into the royal family in the past 350 years; all of their chosen mates have had royal blood, and Kate is a commoner. Princess Diana was 20 when she was married, and 13 years younger than her husband. Kate is 29 and Prince William is 28. They are very close in age, which helps the chances of a marriage working. Middleton and Prince William are also older, and studies show that the closer couples are to marrying at their early 30s, the more successful the marriage will statistically be. Prince William and Middleton also were good students in school, both graduated from college; and knew each other for eight years before getting married. They also seem to both really want this marriage, which is the most important part. Therefore, this partnership has a good chance of lasting!