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E-advising feature available to Arts and Letters students

20 Apr

 The E-advising feature, an online method of planning courses for registration, made its way to students of the School of Arts and Letters at Wesleyan, excluding liberal studies majors.

 E-advising will be required to register for classes for all students except liberal studies majors, but personal interaction with advisers will be maintained,  said Meghan Foster, the Title III Instructional Technologist.

 “One of the reasons why you (students) come to Wesleyan is because it’s a small school,” Foster said. “You get to have that day to day interaction with faculty members in ways that you can’t get at other schools or universities.” 

 The function, which works through a student’s Ramlink account, allows students to plan for two semesters in advance, but Advising hopes to expand it to a full two years, Foster said.

 The School of Business was the first to pilot E- Advising a year and a half ago. E-advising was one of the components of a Title III grant of about $2 million, Foster said.

  Multiple training sessions for faculty members of each school at Wesleyan have taken place.

 “It is our goal to make sure the faculty understand everything so that they can help you,” Advising Specialist April May said.

 Training workshops will be available for students everyday after Spring Break.

 “I’ve never used E-advising before, but it seems like it could be useful for planning ahead,” said Michael Dieu Merci, freshman biochemistry major.

 Priority registration for Fall 2011 begins April 4th.


18.460 dead on Ohio voter rolls

15 Apr

Thousands of voters considered “active” are dead, according to Ohio’s top elections official.

Ohio Secretary of State John Husted said that a report found that almost 18.500 voters on the state’s voter rolls are deceased. Registered voters were found in records of the deceased controlled by the State Health department.

Husted wants county election boards to remove dead voters from the statewide voter database.

8 killed in German highway pileup

8 Apr

A sand storm in Northern Germany caused a large pileup on a highway killing eight and injuring at least 41.

According to a police spokesman, the death toll could still rise as rescue operations are ongoing.

110 people in 80 cars and three trucks were involved in the accident.  At least 17 vehicles, including a truck containing flammable material, caught fire.

It is unclear whether the pileup was caused by a sudden lack of visibility or sand on the road.

Hundreds in Japan killed in tsunami after 8.9 quake

11 Mar

Japan is in turmoil after its biggest recorded earthquake hurled a 23-foot tsunami into its eastern coast, killing hundreds of people and leaving much of their surroundings in disarray.

The quake  reached as far as Tokyo, which was hundreds of mile from the epicenter, while shaking many cities along the 1300 mile coastline. Aftershocks followed for hours.

The entire Pacific was on alert, including  coastal areas of California, South America, and Alaska, but effects were not as bad as expected.

According to scientists, the quake ranked as the fifth-largest in the world since 1900.

High school basketball player dies after game winning shot

4 Mar

A Michigan high school basketball player collapsed on the court after making the game winning layup in overtime that finalized his team’s perfect season. He died shortly after and a cause of death is yet to be determined according to Holland Hospital spokeswoman, Deb Patterson.

16-year old Wes Leonard of Fennville High was pronounced dead at the hospital after paramedics unsuccessfully performed CPR on him.

The last Fennville athlete death occurred 14 months ago when 14-year old wrestler Nathaniel Hernanedez died of a seizure at his home following a high school wrestling match in which he participated.



Gay sensity training to be given to troops

25 Feb

Combat troops will be subject to training for new policy on gays before returning to home base in the US according to  the senior enlisted man in Afghanistan. An extensive program is being launched by the Pentagon to aid the introduction of openly gay troops to the ranks. Training sessions will occur on the battlefield said Sgt. Maj. Marvin Hill. President Obama signed the bill to repeal the  “don’t ask, don’t tell” ban in December. The ban stated that gay soldiers were required to hide their sexual preferences.

Ann Coulter “insanely jealous” of Sarah Palin

18 Feb

Ann Coulter, the controversial right-wing columnist, said that she’s jealous of Sarah Palin’s ability to  provoke the left.

“I love her for how she makes liberal heads explode,” she said on MSNBC.

She also said that she didn’t think that Palin should run for president, stating that “it would be a step down for her.” She did express support for a potential candidate, New Jersey governor Chris Christie.