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Obama’s Young Mother Abroad

20 Apr

This article is about Barack Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro.

This is a very good, in-depth article about Mrs. Soetoro. The author, Janny Scott, obviously put in a lot of work and conducted many interviews.

The article outlines Mrs. Soetoro’s life from the time she became pregnant at 17 in 1960’s Hawaii until her death at 52. I love the fact the author focused more on Mrs. Soetoro than on her son. Almost everything you see lately focuses on him even if the author claims to be talking about his family.

It is a very good article and well worth the 15-20 minute read.


China blogger angered over losing Facebook account

8 Mar

Michael Anti, a Chinese blogger and activist whose legal name is Zhao Jing, lost his Facebook account because of the Facebook rule all personal profiles must be in the legal name of the individual concerned.

“Anti argues that his professional identity as Michael Anti has been established for more than a decade, with published articles and essays,” the article said.

Anti is outraged because, being an activist, if he revealed his legal name on his Facebook account the Chinese government could retaliate against his outspokenness and activism.

“I’m really, really angry. I can’t function using my Chinese name. Today, I found out that Zuckerberg’s dog has a Facebook account. My journalistic work and academic work is more real than a dog,” he said.

Facebook officials were not available to comment by press time.

“Zuckerberg recently set up a Facebook page for his newly acquired puppy, “Beast,” complete with photos and a profile,” the article said.

College student in Texas arrested in terror case

25 Feb

A 20-year-old Saudi Arabian man, Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, a student at South Plains College in Lubbock has been arrested on charges of planning terrorist attacks in Texas, Colorado, California as well as four human targets: former President George W. Bush and three American’s who were stationed at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq for a period of time during their service in the military. At the current time, authorities believe Aldawsari was working alone. Imam Samer Altabaa from the Islamic Center of the South Plains in Lubbock expressed how ‘frustrated and upset’ the community is over this development. Altabaa fears the actions of Aldawsari will cause more anti-Saudi and anti-Muslim discontent.

A slain Fort Worth boy’s door turns into magical book

25 Feb

A little boy who has been dead six years has inspired a book. Jayden Underwood, his mother and unborn sister were murdered by Stephen Barbee, who mistakenly believed Lisa Underwood was pregnant with his child. Jayden had decorated his bedroom door throughout his seven years of life. The decorations inspired a book titled Jayden’s Magic Door. The characters are named after Jayden, his mother, Lisa, and his unborn sister, Marleigh as well as the name of the bagel shop Lisa owned, Boopa. When the central character, Jayden, crosses through the magic door he “enters a magical world filled with bagel-making birds, an energetic baby kangaroo, a unicorn sheriff and green dragons. The book sells for $22 on any internet book site. The article does not state whether the book is available in book stores.

Treading on Trouble

11 Feb

Henry Elkouri and his wife, Gertrude, are trying to file a lawsuit against the Manuel Auto Group’s Lincoln dealership in West Fort Worth because of supposedly bad tires. Elkouri said he requested a certain type of rims he saw on a different car, an older car, be placed on his newly bought Town Car.

Elkouri claims he was given the rims, tires and all from the old car instead of receiving all-new items. Elkouri said he didn’t notice a problem until a year after buying the car when he saw the tires would lose air frequently. Instead of getting the tires checked at a tire shop, he bought a portable air compressor. A year later, he finally gave in and had the tires checked at Discount Tire which is when he discovered the tires on his three-year-old Town Car were not three years old, they were seven years old.

“He done me wrong,” Elkouri said.

Elkouri replaced all four tires at a cost of $833.98. Elkouri went straight to Manuel Auto Group and demanded they cover the cost of the bill plus an extra $166.02 for aggravation and suffering, totalling $1,000.

Manuel Auto Group’s General Manager, Kirk Manuel, disputes the claims made by Elkouri. Manuel believes Elkouri is just unhappy with the tires and is trying to get new ones when nothing is wrong with them.

“He got all the usage out of them, and now I guess he wants new tires for free,” Manuel said.

Manuel Auto has been in business since 1977 and has held a solid rating with the Better Business Bureau since they opened.

No court date has been set on the lawsuit.

Nevada councilwoman found dead faced possible sanctions

28 Jan

Nevada City Councilwoman Donna Fairchild and her husband, Bill, were found dead in their home Jan. 25. Fairchild faced possible sanctions over a travel expense voucher.

The city council was scheduled to meet Tuesday to discuss the repercussions of her actions but hours before the meeting began, Fairchild and her husband were found dead. Autopsies have yet to be done but police confirmed the presence of a note and a 9 mm handgun at the scene.

Activists want Arlington teachers to be allowed to carry guns

24 Jan

Two Arlington gun rights activists want Arlington teachers to be able to carry guns on campus. This idea came about because of recent high-profile public officials.

Opponents of the idea say guns on campus are dangerous and unnecessary. Opponents have also said Arlington has police officers; teachers are not police officers.