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Subway takes a fast train to chain supremacy

9 Mar

Subway has now become the largest fast food chain surpassing McDonald’s.


The faces of Egypt’s ‘Revolution 2.0’

21 Feb

Egyptians use Facebook event to form protest.

Facebook adds civil union, domestic partnership to relationship statuses

18 Feb

Facebook includes the gays. Thursday Feb. 18, 2011, Facebook added “civil union,” and “in a domestic partnership,” to their available relationship status field.



VA clinic testing veterans possibly exposed to hepatitis, HIV

11 Feb

Dayton, Ohio VA clinic is contacting 535 veterans who sought treatment from a dentist who admitted to not washing his hands or changing his gloves between patients.
The center is offering free tests to potential victims although the tests are strictly a precautionary measure according to Todd Sledge, Ohio Veteran Affairs communication officer.


Recent grads finding jobs – in their living rooms

28 Jan

The mid-twenties crowd is redefining the work experience.  Working from home in telecommuting is up 400% in the last three years according to

Telecommuting is the idea that an individual can work from any location they choose utilizing their cell phone, lap top and other mobile devices.

Bin Laden message warns France to pull out of Afghanistan

24 Jan

A tape recording alleging to be al Qaeda head honcho Osama Bin Laden aired on the Al-Jazeera satellite network warning the French on the necessary of the pull out. The voice discussed two journalist that are being held captive by “brethern” of al-Qaeda will be assassinated if France does not pull its military forces out of Afghanistan.
French Foreign Ministry spokesman Bernard Valero said France will not deter its strategy in Afghanistan at this time. Similar demand was made in North Africa after al-Qaeda has abducted five french nationalists.

The Waiting Game

24 Jan

Pre hanky-panky may not lead to a happy relationship. According to a study conducted by Dean Bugsby at Brigham Young University, couples that abstained from sex until marriage were better off.
2,035 married couples, age ranging from 19 to 71, length of marriage from six months to twenty years, all sorts of religious and non-religious affiliation were recruited for the experiment.  Bugsby still cannot find the cause or reasoning of why abstinence makes the heart grow fonder.