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Ram baseball sweeps Northwood

20 Apr

Eliana Mijangos

The Ram baseball team won 2-1 in a series against their Red River Athletic Conference rivals and the nation’s No. 10 offensive team Northwood University.

They took a 12-10 win April 8 and a 3-0 loss the following day. In game three of the series, the Rams slid away with a 2-1 win.

The Rams came out strong in game one as Christian So­beranes, junior short stop, and Stephen Niedwiecki, ju­nior first base, both stepped up to bat RBI singles in the first inning.

Chris Arocha, junior first base, came back from miss­ing 24 games due to injury to hit a two-run homer on his first round at bat.

Northwood cut the lead at the bottom of the first, bringing the score to 4-2 with Wesleyan.

Arocha continued his run with a single hit at his second at bat. Jason Holmes, senior first and third base, trailed behind him at the bottom of the fourth to load all bases. The Rams couldn’t translate any points.

By the bottom of the sixth, Northwood turned on the offensive heat as the nation’s leading home run hitter, Johnny Aldaz, stepped up to hit a double on Nolan Barbee, sophomore pitcher.

Nolan Barbee, sopho­more pitcher, stepped up to Northwood’s Nico Taylor, the nation’s leader in hits with 69 and the nation’s No. 4 for doubles with 18. Bar­bee pickeded up the win with three runs, 1 hit and  1walk in game two, Northwood took the 3-0 win.

Northwood capitalized on Ram errors as they got two runs in the first inning. In the second inning, Justin Snider, catcher and third base, hit a single to load all bases, but the Rams couldn’t translate for a run as North­wood’s short stop caught a pop-upfly,and their pitcher fol­lowed with a strike out.

In the fifth inning, North­wood had runners in the corners as Aldaz stepped up to bat. Colton Farrar, junior pitcher, stopped any hope of a run scored as he picked off Taylor at first.

Eric Epperson, senior out­fielder, had two of Wesleyan’s six hits in the loss.

The Rams went on to win game three 2-1 as Drew Cav­ender, senior pitcher, collected the win.

“We’ve had this potential in us since the beginning of the season,” said Dereck Vaughn, sophomore pitcher. “We played as a team this weekend and showed ev­eryone what we are capable of when we truly come to­gether.”

The Ram’s next appearance will be against the University of Houston-Victoria at 4 p.m. April 16 at La Grave Field.

“We have to play like a team that has something to prove the rest of the con­ference,” Jacob Lyons, soph­omore pitcher, said. “I think we did that this weekend by winning the series.”


Update on Egypt news

9 Mar

Egyptian people have teamed up with social media such as Facebook and Twitter to over turn their president of 30 years, Hosni Mubarak through peaceful pretests that have made history. More recently, the peaceful aspects of protests have turned ugly as 11 people were killed when a Muslim group attacked during a Christian protest of the burning of a Cairo church.

egyptian protests

Amish children swept away in flood

25 Feb

Three Amish children were traveling on a horse and carriage in middle of a Kentucky storm. Three bodies were discovered in a creek in Graves County, but one child’s body is still missing.

Japan drop as China takes #2 spot in economy

14 Feb

Japan’s economy drops to number 3 and China takes their number 2 spot in global economy as Japan’s gross-domestic-product dropped 0.3% in the Oct.- Dec. quartile. Insiders say that Japanese government is the cause for this deficit.


Gross domestic product

Jabbar features documentary of Renaissance Big Five

14 Feb

On Thurs., Feb. 17, Kareem-Abdul-Jabbar will air his documentary regarding the legendary Harlem Renaissance Big Five. Entitled “On the Shoulders of Giants: The Story of the Greatest Basketball Team You Never Heard Of,” several celebrities such as the Denver Nuggets star forward, Carmelo Anthony, will make appearances at the showing in Los Angeles.

Harlem Renaissance Big Five.

Karem- Abdul- Jabbar

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Tear gas thrown at Egyptian protest

28 Jan

Zine El Abidine Ben Ali’s 23-year rule has come to an end and anti- government protestors in Cairo joined together in the name of anti-government. Some Egyptians even set themselves on fire. This uprising was sparked by the Tunisian government.

Meeting on lead pollution brings more questions than answers

24 Jan

Exide Technology Inc., a battery recycling company, has not been meeting the federal air quality regulations for lead. With levels severely high, Frisco community members are anxious to know why the lead plant hasn’t already been shut down.