An Interfaith Enthusias visits the Wesleyan campus to Inspire

8 Feb

Former presidential Inaugural Faith Council Member EbooPatel gave Texas Wesleyan University a visit on Tuesday.

His main activities on the campus were an informal QnAsession in the early afternoon and a 7 p.m. seminar on religious diversity andtolerance in our country with another QnA session at the end.

Patel’s informal QnA in the early afternoon was more of asample of what was to come later.

The informal QnA sessions was mainly him religious diversity and tensionrelated to it in our country followed by the actual QnA session – just like thelater seminar. Of course, there is adistinct difference between the two events.

The informal QnA session included boxed lunches and saladsfrom Z’s café in Fort Worth. The overall event was much smaller in comparisonto the later seminar. There was a smaller audience, a smaller lecture, the QnAsection may have been a few questions longer, as in the seminar Patel ended upspeaking for a bit longer than he intended, but other than that, the event wasjust smaller in general.

Switching gears to the seminar, of course, this second eventwas much grander.

Starting off, it took place in Martin Hall, Wesleyan’sprimary auditorium. The house wasn’t full, but it was far from a ghost town.There was a healthy combination of students and faculty with an addedvariegation of ethnicity and age. Some of Wesleyan’s premier faculty memberswere present, including the school’s president, Frederick Slabach.

Many of the older people in the audience were well dressed,in the hall outside of the auditorium was a stand were two of Patel’s bookswere displayed for sell. After his presentation, Patel stayed a little bitafter to do a little book signing.

Patel took on the subject on diversity and acceptance ofreligion in the United States as he did in the previous session earlier in theday, but in the seminar, he went a bit in depth. Patel spoke of instances in UShistory, some anecdotes of his own life, and just some general food forthought. Though his subject matter was a little touchy, Patel remained calm andin control in his voice, words, and mannerisms.


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    Not a Storify, which is what the assignment was for these posts.

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