Taxstone to Pay Up

27 Jan


Taxstone – Charlamagne tha God’s true rival – has proved his hood credit … but at what price?

Taxstone – a.k.a. Daryl Campbell – is known for his podcast Tax Season on Loud Speakers Network (

Taxstone came to fame around 2014 to 2015 via Twitter from his often blunt and raunchy commentary.

Since his come up with Loud Speakers giving him his own show in early 2015, Taxstone has appeared on a several notable outlets, including The Brillaint Idiots – which is a podcast created by the infamous radio disc jockey Charlamange tha God and television personality Andrew Schulz, and also vladtv, which is hosted by none other than DJ Vlad himself.

Unfortunately, Taxstone may end up hosting his show behind bars, as his DNA was found on a gun linked to the Irving Plaza shooting of last year, which saw three injured, including New York rapper Troy Ave, and one killed, Troy’s body guard, “Banga.” Details on the incident are scant, but hostility between Troy Ave and Taxstone is well known and much publicized by themselves.


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  1. kcolley May 14, 2017 at 8:47 pm #

    Not a Storify, which was what the assignment was for these posts.

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