9 May

Antonio Simmons
Beat Story

Poly Tech Boys & Girls Club

Poly Tech’s Boys & Girls Club has been keeping youth in Fort Worth out of trouble for years.
The boys and girls club has been a safe place for kids to play and stay out of the streets.
Poly Tech area is a very urban place that is trying to get back to a good standing.
Justin Robinson 16 years old boy loves going to the community center.
He feels that it is safe and he also has a friend that’s there.
“I love coming here it’s a getaway from my situation at home,” Robinson said.
Stacey McDonald a 15 year old girl was subjected to domestic violence loves the community center.
McDonald said that she loves coming to be with her friends they are like family.
“I love the fact of having some where to go when I get out of school instead going straight home to drama,” McDonald said.
Malik Johnson 18 years old situation is a little different he doesn’t really have a home so he just hangs around to have shelter.
He lost his mother to the streets and his dad was never around so the club helps him out with money and a place to stay.
“I am so grateful for this community and the people that help and embrace my situation”, Johnson said.


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