Lambda Theta Alpha

9 May


What is the name of the organization? Lambda theta alpha.


How long has the organization existed? This organization has been around since 1975 ,but it was introduced to Texas Wesleyan in 2008.


Who are your current officers, including the faculty advisers or advisers? The current officers are President Kathy Nguyen; the vice president is Bethany Alvarado. Treasurer and historian is Yvette Rodriguez. Faculty adviser is Xochitl Villalpando.


How long do officers serve? Officers always serve for one full school year.


Does the organization have open enrollment? Yes, the organization has open enrollment for students.


How can students get involved? In order to get involved with this organization, students have to contact Yvette Rodriguez by phone or email.


How much does it cost to belong? There is no fee requirement for this organization.


Is this a Wesleyan-only organization? No, this is actually an international organization there are 200 chapters around the United States and Puerto Rico.


What does the organization provide the campus or student? The organization provides education on achieving academic excellence.


How does the organization benefit people outside of TWU? Lambda Theta Alpha organizes many events, such as Care for Children; they also do community service throughout the school year.


How can your organization help students achieve academic success? This organization help the students reach academic success by having mandatory study hours.


What are some of the benefits each member receives? The benefits that members receive is sister support within the organization and guidance in networking,


What does the organization support or what does it stand for? The organization’s motto is “Empowering the universal woman.”


Are there any other benefits we haven’t discussed? No.




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