Kappa Alpha Order

9 May

What is the name of the organization?  Kappa Alpha Order also known as KA


How long has the organization existed?  KA has been around since 1865. It originated in Lexington, Virginia. It’s only been at Texas Wesleyan for eight years now.



Who are your current officers, including the faculty advisers or advisers? The current officers are President Justin Mickulencak; executive vice president is Barron branch. Garry Jones is the executive secretary. Faculty advisor is Chad Wiley.


How long do officers serve? Officers usually serve for one year and two if they get re- elected the following year.


Does the organization have open enrollment? No, this organization does not have open enrollment.


How can students get involved? To get involved students have to contact Barron Branch (vice president) or Justin Mickulencak (president) by email or by phone.


How much does it cost to belong?  It cost $300 per semester.


Is this a Wesleyan-only organization? No, this organization is nationwide, with 124 chapters and more than 150,000 initiated members.


What does the organization provide the campus or student? A few things that they provides  the campus and students is that they are heavily Involved in sporting events, national philanthropy, and they support Wesleyan in every activity that the university host by making all the members get involved in all events.


How does the organization benefit people outside of TWU? The organization raises money for their fraternity by hosting different events. KA also does community service around the Metroplex.


How can your organization help students achieve academic success?  The fraternity has a GPA requirement of a 2.75, and this year, the current members as a whole has a average of a 3.0.


What are some of the benefits each member receives? Some of the benefits are the fact that members get a life changing experience. They build a strong brotherhood and learn how to become leaders in society and the community.


What does the organization support or what does it stand for? KA fraternity mainly stands for being gentlemen in society and treating women with respect. Basically they are here to be perfect gentlemen.







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