Gay straight Alliance

9 May

What is the name of the organization? The name of this organization is the Gay Straight Alliance.


How long has the organization existed? The organization has been around for 5 years.


Who are your current officers, including the faculty advisers or advisers? The current officers are President Melissa Bates, vice president Leslie Elspon and Casey Nails who is the secretary.


How long do officers serve? There is not a particular time limit as far as serving for the organization.


Does the organization have open enrollment? Yes, the organization has open enrollment to students.


How can students get involved? The best way that students can be involved is by contacting Melissa Bates who is the president of the organization.


How much does it cost to belong? No membership fee is required for this organization.


Is this a Wesleyan-only organization? Yes, this organization is only for the TWU campus and students.


What does the organization provide the campus or student? TSAB Provides support for the gay students on TWU campus by helping them be comfortable around campus and also assist them in any way possible.


How does the organization benefit people outside of TWU? One of the benefits people outside of TWU receive from this group is community service actions like many other organizations on campus.


How can your organization help students achieve academic success? The main focus for this organization is to be successful in the classroom in order to succeed in life after college.


What are some of the benefits each member receives? One of the main benefits that they members receive is a better campus life and being comfortable.


What does the organization support or what does it stand for? This organization supports the Gay alliance on campus and makes them feel comfortable.





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