Fishy Smell on Campus to be Expected Next Fall

20 Apr

Incoming Texas Wesleyan freshmen for fall 2011 will be required to live on campus, current students shouldn’t expect many changes.
According to the Director of Residence Life Sharon Manson, consultants were brought in last spring to help the university make improvements in the housing and student life departments.
“They felt like it was important for the university to have a commitment to students who live on campus, because the other schools in Texas do that as well,” says Manson. “Even though we felt like a lot of Texas Wesleyan students live on campus already, we wanted to formalize it [by making it a requirement].”
Manson said requiring freshman to live on campus is just another way to emphasize just how important being involved on campus is.
Current freshman business major Aaron Espinosa, who lives in the West Village, doesn’t think the new requirement will impact students returning to housing next year.
“I don’t think it will affect anyone in a bad way,” Espinosa said. “I think [returning students] will be able to see more people and more of what’s happening on campus, and it will interest them.”
As far as enrollment goes, Manson doesn’t think the school will be affected by the change. Even though the campus is seen as a commuter campus Manson thinks students will still be attracted to Wesleyan, even if it means living on campus.
Espinosa thinks otherwise.
“I think it will help the school spirit factor, but it might decrease the amount of people that come here,” Espinosa said. “I know a lot of people that come here that don’t live on campus, and they picked Wesleyan because of that.”
According to Manson, freshmen who are older than 21, living with their parents, are married, divorced or have children will not be required to live on campus.


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