Two Grad Ceremonies for Spring 2011

19 Apr

Texas Wesleyan University will host two graduation ceremonies for spring 2011.
The spring 2011 graduation ceremony will be held at the Fort Worth Convention Center on May 13, 2011.
In the past, graduation ceremonies were held at the Will Rogers Coliseum but due to contractual details, a smaller venue was selected.
“We chose a different venue which is usually Will Rogers, but they would not guarantee that they would hold that date,” said Linda Humphrey, Administrator assistant for student records.
The lack of tickets for each graduate was also another reason administration decided to relocate to a different venue.
“The number of tickets has always been an issue because people want as many as they can have, that’s why we decided to split it in two,” said Linda Humphrey.
The benefit of there being two ceremonies is graduates are given more tickets than before. This is beneficial for graduates who have family far away.
“The most tickets that were ever given were eight tickets until this time, we were able to accommodate graduates with fourteen tickets,” said Linda Humphrey.
The schools of Arts & Letters and Natural & Social Sciences will hold their graduation ceremony at 4:30 pm. The schools of Education and Business and all graduate programs will hold their graduation ceremony at 8:00 pm. Students are expected to arrive no later than 45 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony.


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