Light Heavyweight Champion Really is A Hero

25 Mar

Jon Jones, the youngest world champion in the history of the UFC, has had one spectacular week. After becoming one of the hottest new stars in the fastest growing sport in America, he recently got a title shot and preceded to destroy his opponent, Shogun Rua, a legend in the UFC circuit. But that is not what makes Jones, 23, a hero to the public. The day of the biggest fight of his career, Jones and his training staff were preparing for meditation, part of his usual routine. As they were walking to their meditation spot, they came across a local conveniance store. It so happened that the store was getting robbed as they walked by. The robber was running out of the store right when Jones and company were rounding the corner. Most professional athletes on the biggest day of their careers would stay out of an affair like this. Not Jon Jones. He pursued the assailant, took him out with foot sweep, and incapacitated him with his martial arts skill before the police could arrive. Jones then went on later that night to make history in his sport, by becoming the youngest world champion in UFC history.


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