Witch Community Upset With Sheen’s Depiction of a Warlock

7 Mar

Charlie Sheen found a way to irritate a group of witches in one of his rampages last week. While Sheen was rambling on about how he has “tiger blood” and other different extraordinary characteristics, he continued by saying that he was a “Vatican assassin warlock” on a radio show. The witches in Salem, Mass. took offense to these remarks.

Christian Day, a practicing warlock, is a part of Salem’s Coven of the Raven Moon said that Sheen’s wording was a “blatant offense against our ways and teachings.” Day was most insulted by the description of warlocks.

“Warlocks are peaceful and enlightened,” he said. “They have the ability to communicate with the dead and learn from it. They have nothing to do with aggressiveness and anger.”

The witch society in Salem, Mass. has approximately 5,000 members, said Day. He hosted a ritual on Sunday with the witch society to send positive spirits to Sheen.


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