Marine Father Outraged Westboro Baptist Church wins in Court

4 Mar

On Wednesday the court ruled that the Westboro Baptist Church can protest at military funeral because it is within their First Amendment rights. The problem with the church members protesting is that they are protesting negative and mean messages at soldier’s funerals.  Westboro Church members are protesting out against gays in the military. Five years ago the Westboro Baptist Church members protested at the funeral of Matthew Snyder a Marine.

Matthew’s father, Albert Snyder filed the lawsuit against the Westboro Baptist Church for protesting at his son’s funeral. Snyder lost his court battle and is not required to pay Pastor Rev. Fred Phelps of Westboro church $116,000 in court cost fees. Snyder is outraged by this verdict saying that he knows the church will continue do protest at other soldiers funerals. Snyder says that these protests rob the family of a peaceful funeral for the lost soldier.


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