Davies is Kicked Off BYU Men’s Basketball Team for Honor Code Violation

4 Mar

Brandon Davies was kicked off the Brigham Young University men’s basketball team for violate the school’s honor code. Although, BYU does not public announce what code Davies violated, there are many sources that state that he engaged in premarital sex. BYU is a Mormon religious university which has a very strict honor code.  The code includes such things as requiring the students to appear “neatly” groomed and dressed, they are not allowed to drink alcohol, not smoke tobacco, not do any illegal drugs, students cannot have any homosexual feelings, must go to church services, and cannot have members of the opposite sex in their bedroom.

Since Brandon Davies was ordered to leave the team, the basketball team has already experienced struggles. The BYU men’s basketball team lost their game to New Mexico without Davies. BYU states that they take their honor code very seriously and plan to stick by their decision. BYU also believes that students who agree with their honor code policy are the students they want to attract to their university.




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