Apple and their White Products

4 Mar

Apple just introduced the new I pad 2. The new version of the Ipad has a few slight changes including color options. The Ipad 2 comes in black and white. However, both models have an aluminum backing; neither model is completely black or white. I phone fans have been patiently awaiting the release of the Iphone 4 in white. I phone users are bewildered at the fact that apple can release a white Ipad but cannot release a white IPhone 4 after 251 days since introducing the product.

The white IPhone 4 is so sought after that people are using foreign parts that fit the IPhone in order to make it appear as if the color of the phone has changed to white. The problem with creating a white iphone4 is that the camera has a malfunction. The camera flash is not as strong causes the phone to produce poor image quality. There is also a problem with the sensors on the white iPhone that do not turn off the light from the screen when necessary. The new ipad 4 has a new technology that has sensors that detect weight with a magnet in order to alert the screen to go into sleep mode.



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