Treading on Trouble

11 Feb

Henry Elkouri and his wife, Gertrude, are trying to file a lawsuit against the Manuel Auto Group’s Lincoln dealership in West Fort Worth because of supposedly bad tires. Elkouri said he requested a certain type of rims he saw on a different car, an older car, be placed on his newly bought Town Car.

Elkouri claims he was given the rims, tires and all from the old car instead of receiving all-new items. Elkouri said he didn’t notice a problem until a year after buying the car when he saw the tires would lose air frequently. Instead of getting the tires checked at a tire shop, he bought a portable air compressor. A year later, he finally gave in and had the tires checked at Discount Tire which is when he discovered the tires on his three-year-old Town Car were not three years old, they were seven years old.

“He done me wrong,” Elkouri said.

Elkouri replaced all four tires at a cost of $833.98. Elkouri went straight to Manuel Auto Group and demanded they cover the cost of the bill plus an extra $166.02 for aggravation and suffering, totalling $1,000.

Manuel Auto Group’s General Manager, Kirk Manuel, disputes the claims made by Elkouri. Manuel believes Elkouri is just unhappy with the tires and is trying to get new ones when nothing is wrong with them.

“He got all the usage out of them, and now I guess he wants new tires for free,” Manuel said.

Manuel Auto has been in business since 1977 and has held a solid rating with the Better Business Bureau since they opened.

No court date has been set on the lawsuit.


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