Gay Rights Activist David Kato Beaten to Death

11 Feb

 Last year a Ugandan magazine titled The Rolling Stone, (not affiliated with Rolling Stone Magazine in the United States) published an article with the names, addresses, and photos of one hundred homosexuals. The title of the article had also called for the hanging of these homosexuals. David Kato was among these one hundred homosexuals. Kato and two other individuals pursued a lawsuit against the magazine. The suit ended in their favor prohibiting the magazine to publish information about gays and lesbians living in Uganda.

As a gay rights activist in Uganda, David Kato feared for his life. Unfortunately, this Thursday, January 27, 2011 Kato’s fears manifested with his death. Kato was found dead inside his home by his neighbor. Someone entered Kato’s home and beat him to death with a hammer. Some of Kato’s belongings were stolen along with some money. Authorities currently have two suspects which they have issued warrants. One of which is a taxi driver who was near by at the time of death and the other is Kato’s roommate, whom happens to be an ex-felon. At this time, it is not for sure that Kato’s death was related to the fact he was a gay man, but further investigation is continuing. The people of Uganda lost a crucial individual in the fight for equal human rights.



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